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A visually captivating Olympic sport that blends intricate footwork, jumps, and spins with artistic expression, showcasing the perfect harmony of athleticism and grace on the ice. see more...
A dynamic and adrenaline-fueled sport involving high-speed races on a smaller rink, characterized by tight turns, strategic maneuvers, and intense competition, where split-second decisions can determine victory. see more...
A thrilling discipline where athletes race against time on a long oval track, reaching remarkable speeds and demonstrating exceptional endurance, technique, and precision. see more...
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Tara began skating recreationally when she was seven years old. Tara started skating actively and learned double jumps when she was 13 and we relocated from Cleveland suburb to Detroit suburb. We returned to Colorado Springs after the 2016 camp. Tara also trained in Edmonton, Canada, over the summer of 2018. Tara is well knowledgeable about ISU rules and technical needs as a senior skater. Tara has a musical ear. Tara was born in the United States, but she elected to become an Indian citizen after the age of 18. Tara choreographs her own show in addition to mixing music for it. She also designs and produces her competition gown. That's a lot of responsibility, and she wants to be known for producing her own shows. We are lucky to have an ISAI team that is highly supportive, including the president, Mr. Sharma. We are quite impressed with his initiative, and I am convinced that figure skating will reach new heights in India. Tara longs to move to India and be a part of that.

Tara Prasad

Athlete, ISAI

“Such a joy to work with an energized and eager association who have their athletes interests at heart"

Richard Laidlaw


Ice Skating India family Welcomes Ms Natalie who Joins ISAI as Consultant for the overall Development of Figure Skating ! Her passion and vast knowledge will help the budding talent.

Ms Natalie

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Amitabh Sharma


Jagraj Singh Sahney


Dr Rohit Chopra


Colonel S.C . Narang

Vice President

Shabir Ahmad Wani

Vice President

Mr Raju Raghunath Dabhade

Joint Secretary

Mrs. B. Soni

Joint Secretary

Mr. Shaikh Khaja


Mohammad Abdul Quadeer

Joint Secretary

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